Writing My Way into Retirement

Writing My Way into Retirement

I’m writing my way into retirement. If you call writing for 10 to 12 hours a day retirement, then that’s where I’m headed.

Two years ago I was working hard in the Point of Purchase Industry until the Obama Recession froze all of the spending by major national Retirementadvertisers. You see, they really don’t trust him or his Democrat allies. All they have to do is look at the news every night. American business is being assailed by class warfare attacks led by the very man who’s job it is to nurture and grow American business.

Large national advertisers fearing for their fiscal future cut employees, stopped spending and in some cases moved operations out of this country. American consumers taking a cue from business slowed down their spending. As a designer and producer of Point of Purchase displays we were out of luck. What company needs displays to advertise products that people are not buying?

I decided that it was time to shift focus. I built about ten web sites in a couple of months. Like most guys I didn’t read the manual, I learned by doing. I got pretty good at it.

I was always a good writer so content wasn’t a problem. I write my own stuff. This is my fourth post today. I’ve done two on the Civil War, one on politics and this one. And you know something. I’m really not making much money but I am enjoying myself.

I start writing at about 4:30 AM, stop to exercise, shower and eat, then start writing again. I usually write all day. Writing is like exercising. The more that you do, the better you get. I was always a good writer and now I’ve become a better one. I write about the Civil War, politics, Republicans, local marketing, government waste, the tea party, senior gadgets and scuba diving. I even have a recipe site. I’m a regular Renaissance Man.

I may be poorer but I’m a heck of a lot happier. I wake up in the morning and I’m ready to go. Retirement here I come.

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