The Sissification of America

The Sissification of America

Have Americans lost their edge? Are we softer than our parents and grandparents? Over the last 30 to 40 years, we have seen an increasing softening of American children. I would call it the sissification of America. Others use an equally pointed phrase: the wussification of America. (The video may be a comedy bit but he speaks the truth.)

Let’s recap with a bit of history. Many of our ancestors sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in little ships. Go to Jamestown in Virginia and see the tiny Jamestown Settlement Shipsships that the colonists sailed in. You’ll be stunned by how small they are.

They hacked out a colonies from the forests and survived on very little food. It wasn’t a very rich experience for them. They worked and sweated just to hunt and grow food to live. Most of their days were spent working to survive. No leisure time here!

Fast forward to the post-war years. Those of us whose fathers or grandfathers served in the military during World War II have probably experienced this. Our parents and grandparents were the children of the depression. My uncle once told me that my father could have been an All-American in one of three sports. Watching him in his 20s, I believe it. One problem: the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor and he was drafted into the Navy in 1943.

As a child of parents who lived through the Great Depression and World War II, I was never allowed to become a wimp. If i scraped my knee, I wasn’t taken to the emergency room. My mother put some iodine and a band-aid on it and sent back outside. I once dislocated a finger while I was Scraped Kneeplaying baseball. It hurt like hell. My father grabbed and popped it back in. He told me to shake it off and I did. No x-rays, splints or insurance deductibles for us.

Today, we run to the emergency room or the doctor for the slightest thing. In the 1950s and the 1960s, medical insurance was minimal. The first time that I was in the hospital was when I was born. The second time was for a broken nose when I was 15. My guess is that today most kids will have been there many more times before they’re 15.

Here’s the strange thing. While the younger generation in general has become sissified, our military has created super-soldiers. Does this signal the end of our run as the greatest country in the world? I seem to recall that Rome had a similar trajectory. Eventually, all that protected them from the barbarians was their army. Meanwhile, the sissification of the Roman Empire hollowed it from within.

Just something to think about.

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