The Promise of the Winter Sun

The Winter SunHave you ever noticed how the Winter Sun is a real fooler? Sitting in your home in front of a sunny window with the sun flooding in and warming the cats or dogs you can be fooled into thinking that it’s nice and warm outside.

Except when you go outside expecting the same feeling of heat you’re in for a shock. Instead of it being a warm 72 degrees it’s a cold and frigid 32 degrees or less.

We lived in the Great White North of Wisconsin for over 20 years and we’re very experienced at the Winter Sun phenomenon. Winter comes to Wisconsin generally by Halloween. By Thanksgiving with just a few exceptions its frigid and gray. But on those sunny days you can fantasize that it’s a warm spring day outside.

But a short walk outside will wake you up from the dreams of an early spring because there will be many months of cold and snowy days to slog through before the first buds of spring appear.

But the Winter Sun and its sunny light streaming into your home is a harbinger of the coming change of seasons. All that we have to do is survive the cold winter months with the bare trees and the dead plants. Remember there’s always the Spring after the Winter and the Winter Sun reminds us of that promise.

So on this Thanksgiving Day in 2013 let us all give thanks for our families, our blessings and the promise of the Winter Sun.

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