The Online World

The Online World

I’m 62 years old and I bought my first computer almost 30 years ago. There are people reading this that were probably not born yet when I got that Tandy with the tiny screen and the infinitesimal RAM. It had three “killer” apps: a word processor, a spreadsheet and a database. Today, our smartphones are mega-times smarter than that Early Compaq Computermachine. In those days (around 1982) there was no Internet, no Google, no email, or any of the other tings that we associate with the Web. The computer was a simple tool for writing, manipulating data and maintaining information. Most of the computers were main-frame models that filled entire rooms and required an army of programmers with punch cards to tell them what to do. You programmed in various “machine” languages that only the anointed acolytes of the computing world knew.

Fast forward to now. Today, we have many variations of the computer: desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. Each has more computing power than early main-frame computers yet we can carry them in our pocket, our briefcase, our backpack or our purse. We have programs by the millions for every conceivable subject. Main Frame ComputersWe have games that are so sophisticated that they have steep learning curves with eye-popping graphics. You can learn foreign languages, compute mathematically, catalog everything, gather all of the Great Books of the Western World, read your local newspaper, make dinner reservations, get coupons and many, many more things.

At the age of 62 I now live in the online world. Gradually, the offline world is being absorbed by the online world. I am slowly moving into the online world with my current business and my future online endeavors. I started with one site and now I have 18 registered domains. They cover politics, education, family law, affiliate marketing for several different types of products and this blog. I spend an average of 10 to 12 hours a day online. I write posts, research, listen to podcasts and webinars and set up new sites. And I enjoy it all. I’ve always been a good writer butMotorola Xoom Tablet Computer now after six months of practice I’m really good.

Our two worlds are gradually merging so that soon we will be the best-connected civilization ever. Need to look up a plumber, use local search. Need to make a dinner reservation, use your smartphone. Need to teach your class about dinosaurs, use your computer attached to a Smart Board. The most efficient means of research is on the web. I tell my wife that everything that you want to know about is on the Web. So if you’re 20, 40 or 60 like me enjoy the future because it’s here now!

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