The Departure of a Great Guy

Mike LondonMike London resigned as the head football coach at the University of Virginia on Sunday. After six seasons the University thought it was finally time to make a change.

But why didn’t they make a change earlier? The answer is simple. Mike London is a great guy who kept the players going to class, out of jail and graduating.

Unanimously, each player who was interviewed or tweeted after the announcement said two things, he gave me the opportunity to play Division 1 football and he made me a man.

There’s a lot worse things that you can say about Mike London.

My wife and I met Coach London on line at Kroger and said hello. Rather than blow us off he engaged us in conversation and wished us the best.

The university shouldn’t let this guy get away. There must be a place for him in either the athletic administration or alumni relations. I expect that he could sell ice to the Eskimos.

Remember, when a door closes a window opens. Good luck Coach.

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