Thank God, March is Finally Here

Flowers of MarchI’m done with Winter. February was a horror here in Virginia with lower than average and just enough snow to make it miserable. The constant days of 20 degrees and cloudy skies was very depressing. I really hate the winter.

We moved to Virginia from Wisconsin 12 years ago to escape the could weather. Up to now our move has paid off. Except for the two 30″ Snowmageddons that we had our move has paid off. For the most part temperatures have been tolerable. The average snowfall is about 20″ and we don’t need to shovel here.

We brought a small snow blower with us and never used it. We finally gave it away this year. Sandy had to shovel this year. I can’t because of my heart condition. Boy was she sore the next day.

But now we’re in March. Hallelujah! March means higher temperatures and milder weather. March also means Daylight Savings Time begins. March is the Gateway to April and Spring.

Be happy that March is here. It holds out the hope for Spring and eventually Summer. It means lighter jackets. It means lower heating bills. It means warm rain here in Virginia. It means the first signs of Spring with the grass greening up. It also means buds on the trees and shrubs. It also means University of Virginia coeds wearing shorts and tank tops (They must have warmer blood than the rest of us.).

March also means March Madness and with several teams to watch: Virginia, Wisconsin and Villanova, we’ll have a rooting interest in the NCAA Basketball tournament. Plus they’ll all be one and two seeds. But that will be another post.

For all you Northerners who have to wait until April, we Southerners get to enjoy the good weather a month earlier. Like they say down here: “Save your Dixie Cups, the South is gonna rise again.”


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