Stealing our history

220px-Stonewall_Jackson_monument,_Charlottesville,_VA_IMG_4221When Dylann Roof slaughtered nine innocent people in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the liberal machine revved up and began spewing out hate against the Confederate heritage of the South.
Yes, I agree that any Confederate flag should be banned from official sites but this is going too far. There has been talk in Memphis of disinterring Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife. The Memphis City Council also wants to remove his statue from the very same location.
Fortunately, Virginia has a law that forbids moving or changing any and all war memorials. If they didn’t who knows what the left-wing Charlottesville City Council would do? Several years ago one of the council members wanted to remove any and all Confederate memorials.
That would include equestrian statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. In addition, at list two ‘soldier’ statues would have been removed. One is actually in a cemetery while the other is in front of the Albemarle County court house.
Someone actually suggested that Confederate flags be forbidden on the graves in national cemeteries.
This wave of prohibition is an attempt to rewrite history. Except history is in theBattle Flag of the Confederacy past although William Faulkner once wrote: The past is not dead! Actually, it’s not even past.” Removing Confederate flags and other Civil War relics is wrong and needs to be stopped.
My wife is a kindergarten teacher and she complains that teachers in the higher grades don’t have the time to teach history. For some years our school system mandated an entire semester on Mali in Africa for third graders. Their explanation is that it was for diversity.
It reminds me of the local news reporting extensively about events that have taken place across the country. A large fire in Atlanta or LA is of no consequence to Charlottesville.
Mercury Space Capsule with John GlennI wonder if the liberals who run many of our school systems are trying to dumb down our future voters. I talked to a young lady the other day who knew nothing about the Mercury space program.
We’ve stolen our history away from younger generations. The American Civil War was an event that changed this nation in every way. Before it, America was primarily a rural country.
After it the industrial age was king. Eventually, cities in the South like Richmond, Atlanta, New Orleans and Birmingham became industrial giants.
Before the war slavery had divided America in half-slave and half-free. After the war America could get on with its destiny.
We could span the nation with railroads. Eventually, the South was rebuilt and helped the nation to grow beyond anything anyone could imagine. Except, our younger generations by and large have been denied that knowledge. Will they live in a world where history was only the last decade or two?
Shame on the American education system for killing American history for future generations.

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