Save your Dixie Cups the South will rise again

The New SouthImagine if you will a United States that divided into various regions because they no longer had a unifying set of principles to hold it together. Imagine too that certain regions would have a distinct advantage because of the commodities that they possess.

Disclaimer: I’m a northerner by birth and until not quite 12 years ago lived my entire life in the North. But I love living in the South and I love being a Virginian. I love the weather most of the time. I love the food most of the time. But most of all I love the people who have been welcoming to two northern immigrants. Our cats, however, are Southern belles.

No, I know that you’re thinking about commodities like oil, natural gas and coal. True, these are necessary to sustain a decent way of life but there are other commodities that are just as important for the good life.

But first let’s look at the dimensions of the new Southern Confederacy (somehow I think that name might be chosen). I’m guessing that parts of Northern and perhaps Eastern Virginia might not secede. Otherwise, I see the rest of Virginia, West Virginia, Western Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri and parts of Florida (too many Yankees i the south of Florida) joining.

Let’s look at the assets that are located in the new Southern Confederacy. Let’s start with the large number of military bases that are located in the South. Army, Navy and Air Force bases are scattered throughout the region.

How about natural resources? Oil, gas and coal abounds, both on land and in the Gulf, not to mention those areas of the ocean that have been ruled off-limits by the liberals in Washington.

The South controls a substantial portion of the Mississippi River, still a major shipping conduit. The South controls a number of large ports from the Chesapeake Bay to the Texas-Mexico border.

The South has rich farmlands, cattle operations, dairy operations and food processing plants. We still grow cotton, peanuts and tobacco, not to mention rice, sugar, wheat, sugarcane, citrus and other fruits and vegetables.

Now, let’s get to the important products that come from the South. How about Coca-Cola from Atlanta, Georgia? If the new South embargoed Coke, Diet Coke and their other products, how long do you think the rest of the country would last.

How about that Southern favorite, Dr. Pepper of Waco, Texas? Or Frito-Lays. Even though it’s now owned by Pepsi-Cola of Purchase, New York, do you think that the new South would stand for a company founded in Plano, Texas to be continue to be owned by northerners?

The list goes on. Even though Dixie Cups were invented by a Massachusetts man, they are now owned by the Georgia-Pacific Company of Atlanta, Georgia. In the words of Charlie Daniels: “The South’s gonna do it again.”

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