Opening Day at Kindergarten

Opening Day at Kindergarten

TeacherI like to think of the first day of school as Opening Day in a new season. My teacher/coach wife is preparing herself for the new school year/season with her team in kindergarten at Scottsville Elementary School in Scottsville, Virginia. The coach has been preparing the playing field for several weeks now. Her game plans are written and ready for the students/players.

When she was interviewed by this reporter she opined that the first couple of days of school were the most difficult since the regular routines are not yet established. She’s a pro. Her students will be into her routine by Friday. And believe me she has a regular routine. As a veteran teacher/coach who’s in the big leagues for a long time everything is planned at to the last detail.

The teacher/coach just came into my office for me to comment on her apparel choices. She looks great and very fashionable as usual. Her students probably won’t notice in the excitement of the new season/school year. She said that she was really excited for the new school year/season. Like any good teacher/coach she says that every year.

To add to the excitement we here in central Virginia had 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake yesterday afternoon, followed by at least two aftershocks. In the words of Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin: “Holy California, Batman!”. Some of the surrounding districts have called for a rain delay of a day or two while Louisa County students have had two weeks of training camp tacked on to their summer vacation.

The classrooms are all prepared. Floors have been washed and waxed. Repairs and upgrades have been done. Name tags are taped to theClassroom students’¬†desks. Bulletin boards have been created. Equipment has been tested. Everything is ready for the flood of students to rush in for the new season.

So as I write the students/players are getting ready for the season, eating their nourishing breakfasts (hopefully), brushing their teeth (hope springs eternal) and boarding their buses for the stadium/school to commence the new season. Meanwhile, across America our most precious assets are putting on their game faces and preparing to teach America’s next generation. To paraphrase the immortal Knute Rockne: Let’s win one for the teachers!


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