Obama Has Been Very Good to Us-Really!

Angry ObamaRush Limbaugh once said that Bill Clinton made him a household name. He was able to explode the size of his conservative audience because of everything that Bill Clinton did: bimbo eruptions, HillaryCare, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and many more oldies but goodies. Bill Clinton was the gift that kept on giving.

Liberals have a way of doing that for conservatives. Barack Obama is doing the same thing for us. By us, I mean the conservative base, tea partiers, libertarians and just plain conservatives.

His extreme left-wing policies has incited the conservative base like no liberal has ever done before. With Obama, we’re in a target-rich environment. I feel like a dog in forest, so many trees, so little time.

THe list of his wacked-out policies is endless. He blew over $800 billion on gifts and goodies to his base without any impact on the staggering economy. Our budget deficits can be traced directly to the stimulus bill.

He then inflicted the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare, on the American people. It is neither affordable nor does it care for the people it’s supposed to help. Rather, it is a soviet-style command and control program that is nothing but another means of exerting government control of us.

The EPA has perpetrated a regulatory reign of terror on every segment of the American economy. They have instituted nonsensical rules and regulations on citizens and industries alike.

In foreign affairs, we are the laughing stock of the world. In an effort to be liked Barack Obama has destroyed our perception of power around the world. Foolishly declaring the War on Terror at an end, he looked clueless when terror continued in Syria, Kenya and Iraq.

Without Barack Obama and his regime, conservative luminaries like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio would not be household names. Conservatism and libertarianism would be forgotten words in the political lexicon drowned in a sea of Big Government programs.

They too owe Barack Obama a debt of gratitude. Without him, Rand Paul would never have made his thirteen-hour filibuster in the Senate on Drone policy. Ted Cruz would not have spoken about “the trainwreck that is ObamaCare” for 21 hours last week. Because of Barack Obama , they are household names.

Like I said at the onset, like Rush Limbaugh, I owe my writing career to Barack Obama. I began my blogging career about 2 1/2 years ago and I wake up every day eager to write about the insanities that the Obama regime are perpetrating on the America people every day.

So here’s to you Barack Obama and thanks for fueling my passion against everything that you do.


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