My Love-Hate Relationship with March

The month of MarchMarch is the cruelest month of the year here in the Piedmont of Virginia. Today’s temperature won’t reach a high of 36 degrees. Two days ago it was 80. I wore shorts on Tuesday and a fleece jacket today.

If you wonder how difficult it is for humans, how about animals. Over the last week flocks of robins were all around. They love the sunny, warm weather but today they’re all hunkered down in trees and shrubs trying to stay warm.

How about the plant life? With several warm days in a row, the soil started to warm up. Daffodils, pansies and hyacinths are starting to bloom. But the very cold daytime and nighttime temperatures are really confusing them after such warm, sunny weather.

March is the month that we usually transition from winter to spring. Not only does Mother Nature transition but so do we humans. It’s the month that requires two separate wardrobes. Our closets and draws are filled with both winter and spring clothes.

When can we do our spring cleaning, now or later? On warm days we’ll open our windows and as soon as the cold comes back they’ll have to be closed again. My wife runs around turning off the heating unit so that we don’t heat the outside.

In the North you can expect windy days in March and rainy days in the South. In Virginia, we get both at the same time. It makes for quite a confusing month. We’re not sure how to dress,

If you’re an efficient outdoor gardener, then March is the month for cleaning up flower beds, pruning overgrown bushes and tuning up that lawn mower. If you’re not one, you’ll wait until April.

March is the month that we begin to say goodbye to winter (fingers crossed) and say hello to spring. Once you start to feel those warm breezes on your cheeks, then you know that summer can’t be far behind. Here’s looking forward to you April!


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