If You Don’t Like The Weather….

Our House…then wait a minute. Our winter/early spring continues to baffle people. The meteorologists love it but us normal folk can’t wait for the cold, snow, snain and sleet to be over and gone, banished to wherever winter goes when spring arrives.

Here in the Piedmont of Virginia spring is about to explode throughout the hills and valleys. Trees have started to bud and the grass is beginning to come awake after the cold days of winter.

We have begun our spring garden chores with the assistance of our nephew and gardener Connor Billies. It’s time to rake the dead leaves out of the flower beds and mulch them. Some of our perennials are beginning to stick their stalks up. The shrubs and rose bushes need pruning and the garden tractor will need to be tuned up for the long Virginia summer.

Here in the Piedmont spring and summer often runs from now until late October. This week it will be in the 70’s every day and we’ll really begin to see trees budding and flowers beginning to appear. We’ve had adequate rain and combined with the hot days it encourages growth.

We live in a vineyard and the workers have pruned all of the vines. Soon, we’ll begin to see vines spreading out and leaves will appear. The long almost-six month growing season has begun once again. The vineyard has about 30 acres of vines. Last year, they planted about 5 acres of new vines.

We’re trying to sell our house and this is the time to sell. Our broker will be holding an open house in mid-April and it’s been very stressful to keep the house and property looking good. Once we sell our plan is to move to an apartment with the three cats. Wish us luck.

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