How and What I Write

How and What I Write

How and What I WriteI write a lot, probably 8 hours a day. I started writing for enjoyment about a year ago. I loved to write in college but life intervened. For about 40 years I only wrote business reports and presentations.

Now, I have a number of blogs that cover a variety of diverse subjects. I write posts like this one. I write informational posts, political posts and commentary. I write at 4 in the morning and at 4 in the afternoon, all day, everyday.

Yesterday, I wrote the third in a series of posts on Civil War Artillery. This one was about the siege, garrison and seacoast artillery that was used during the Civil War. We’re commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the war and I’m starting to develop a significant number of subscribers. Enthusiasts love this type of post.

I also wrote one about Herman Cain’s chances of being nominated as the Republican standard-bearer next November. A definite maybe there.

I have a series of political commentary sites. All Things Political Today comments on the news of the day or week from a conservative point of view. I post on this site nearly every day.

I wrote the third post in a series about the Art of Propaganda yesterday. This one was a description and analysis of Political Spinning. One of the facets of spinning is “burying bad news”. I had an immediate impact when the Obama administration did just that at about 5:00 PM yesterday when they released thousands of emails about Solyndra.

I have a site on Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse that I post on once or twice a week. So many scandals, so little time.

I have a new site called American Tea Party Politics that I started a month or so ago. I write about once or twice a week for this site.

Finally, I have another new site called Cville Local Marketing that I’m planning to use as the home base for local marketing. The blog features articles about my likes and dislikes of living in Charlottesville, Virginia. After this post I’m planning on writing about city life in the middle of the rural South.

I also write “generic” posts for several affiliate sites that I have. One is a site that sells Scuba Diving equipment. I’ve been a certified diver for almost 25 years so I love the sport. I have a blog that has short posts about destinations and types of equipment. Only divers would read an article about the different gases that can be used in a tank.

I’m also a senior and I have a site called Senior Gadgets and Gizmos. It features items that the gray generation might need and/or enjoy. I have a blog on this site that has informational articles for seniors, everything from European Rail Passes to solar attic fans.

Then, I have a series of political commentary sites. All Things Political Today comments on the news of the day or week from a conservative point of view. I post on this site nearly every day.

You may ask, “How does he keep it all straight”? Well, up until a month ago the answer was not very well. My wife (a kindergarten teacher) suggested getting a Teacher’s Planner that blocks out every day of the week for every subject.

It was easy to change the subjects to websites and put story ideas in each block. I can see each weeks story plans at a glance. It helps me to make sure that I don’t neglect a site. Who said paper records were dead?

Where do I get my ideas from? Most of them come from the world around me. There’s enough going on in the political world to write many articles every day. I need to be discerning and write about subjects that impact my readers the most.

The informational articles are easier. I write about things that I would want to know about. After all, I’m part of the same audience: I’m a diver, a senior and a Civil War enthusiast.

It helps when I’m writing about something that I want to really know about. My natural curiosity pushes me to research each article diligently. That way my readers get the very best that I can give them.

When I’m done writing, editing and cleaning up a post, I like to add illustrations for interest. I then run Scribe to optimize the post and publish it. After all, there’s always another one behind it. Oh, did I mention that I’m writing an eBook about the Civil War in Virginia?

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