Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to MeToday is my 67th birthday. I don’t really believe that I’m 67 but I am. I was born at St.Mary’s Hospital in Brooklyn, New York on September 16, 1948, the first child of Rose and Richard Billies.

I was to be followed by one still-born child, four miscarriages and four siblings. I have a sister and three brothers in that order. My parents must have had a difficult time physically and emotionally but they raised five wonderful people who are in most cases a reflection of them.

But they always had me, then my sister Barbara Ann born on Election Day in 1952. Then came John who was born in 1955, the year that the Dodgers won it all. He was followed by Brian seven years later and finally Kevin who was born when I was almost 20 in 1968.

When you’re 27 or even 37 you never think about being 67. It’s simply inconceivable that you could be that old.

When I was 27 my only concern was getting a lovely Wisconsin beauty to marry me. Fortunately, she did and we’ve been married for 38 years.

When I was 37 we were busy raising a precocious 5-year old daughter who turned out to be our only child. Today, she’s a top Family Law attorney and was made a partner in her firm at 34. Wow!

When I was 47 my father was dying. He died the following year and we were all orphans since our mother had died 11 years previous. It was a very difficult time in all of our lives.

An ambitious federal prosecutor was pursuing my brother and I on what would be deemed as specious charges by Washington.

When I was 57 we had moved to Virginia and I had joined my brother John’s business. We live in a beautiful house in a vineyard with our three cats: Chloe Anne, Isabella Elena Marie and Nina Louise. All cats should have at least three names. By the way you could buy the house.

Now I’m 67 and I feel that time flies whether you’re having a good time or not. I write and relax. My next big adventure is a heart transplant. Wish me luck and many more years.


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