Global Warming has arrived in Central Virginia

Hot SunShocker: the global warming people were right all along. The temperature is rising after all. How could we have been so wrong? Yesterday the temperature was 68 degrees. Today it’s in the mid-90’s. Instant global warming.

You say that you’re in Manhattan and the high is only going to be 58. How about Dallas? Only in the mid-70’s. San Francisco only expects 62 today. Seattle will only reach 59 degrees.

I guess that here in America’s Southland we have what you might call localized global warming. Do you think that we’re being punished for some infraction of the heavenly rules? Who knows?

All I know is that we’re here at May 8th and it could hit 95 degrees today. Well, maybe it isn’t global warming after all. It’s simply springtime in Virginia. Remember, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity as someone once told me. Enjoy those two and three-shirt days that are coming up in June, July and August.


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