Everybody talks about the weather…

cold weather…but nobody does anything about it. Let me tell you what set me off about the weather today. We’re five days past the beginning of Spring and it snowed today. On March 25th, it snowed in Central Virginia. Where does Mother Nature thank that we are, Milwaukee or Minneapolis?

Al Gore has it wrong. There is no such thing as global warming. As far as I’mm concerned we’re experiencing global cooling. This winter in Central Virginia has had it all: snow, snain ( a rain/snow mix), sleet and just plain cold temperatures. Today, five days into spring we’re under a National Weather Service winter advisory.

We’ve gone from wearing heavy winter jackets, gloves and hats to light jackets, light sweaters and baseball caps. About 30 years our family went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a place where I’d love to be today. It’s 71 and mostly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain. Over the weekend it will be in the 80’s, shorts and no socks weather.

One of the rides in Tomorrowland predicted that we would have our weather under control by now. How you may ask? By using weather satellites. How you may ask? Remember, it was Disney World. Anything can happen in the Magic Kingdom.

Instead of controlling the weather, it seems to be controlling us. Besides the fact that we have had unseasonal weather all over the globe, we have become trapped by the global warming/climate change debate.

The true believers in global warming/climate change continually rant that their theory is settled science. How many times have you one of them announce that a consensus of scientists has agreed in the global warming/climate change gospel. Meanwhile, the other side that it’s cyclical. We have had cold and war periods throughout recorded history.

So, back to my weather. Over this past weekend it was in the 70’s here, positively Florida weather. We even had our nephew cleaning up our beds and pruning the shrubbery. Everything seemed set for an early Spring. But don’t underestimate Mother Nature’s power to surprise.

The weather people have promised that it will be in the 60’s over the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get a wind and rain storm. In Charlottesville, Virginia still waiting for that weather satellite.

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