Enjoy Every Day

I passed a truck the other day and painted on the side was “Enjoy Every Day.” It got me thinking that most people probably don’t enjoy every day and drag themselves through their day.

I spent over 40 years working in the graphic arts industry and I most say that I was 50-50 on the enjoyment scale. There were times that I dreaded answering the phone and other times that I was full of energy.

Now, I write everyday and I really enjoy every day. Oh, I don’t enjoy some of the things going on in our country or around the world. But I’m just a guy sitting in a home office banging away at a computer keyboard. However, I enjoy getting up in the morning and I look forward to writing blog posts like this one.

At age 65 there are more years behind me than ahead of me so I’m trying to take advantage of the years that I have left. If you don’t enjoy every day, you’ll be miserable. You’ll wonder if your life was for naught. You will have checked out of life.

I once had a pastor named Father Jerry Dominiak who said that man was not made for work. Even though we have to work to put food on the table, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads, he maintained that God put us on this Earth to enjoy the world around us and appreciate God’s gifts.

So, when you get up tomorrow make a resolution that you will Enjoy Every Day. Consider the alternatives.

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