Cats have Staff


Chloe BilliesAny of you who have pets understand ‘Dogs have masters, cats have staff’. We have three cats and I understand what’s going on but I’m not sure that my wife is on board with the staff thing.

Our three cats have a regular daily routine. I know because I’m retired but my wife is a kindergarten teacher and is gone every week day. The three cats are confused about Saturday and Sunday though.

On the weekend they look for secluded places to sleep so that my wife doesn’t Bellabother them. It doesn’t always work out to their satisfaction. She wants to brush them, pet them and have them on her lap.

But they have their routine and they don’t like it to be Ninachanged. I’ve tried to tell about their daily routine but she’s not a good ‘staff’ person while I am.

I leave them alone when I’m at home during the week. They leave me alone. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship. But my lovely wife who doesn’t see them all day insists on interfering with the routine.

When they start lobbying to get fed she gets annoyed but what does she expect. We’re the staff, they’re in charge.

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